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Adam and Emma Pairing Stories

Love Knows No Boundaries

Title sucks,I know,I just couldn't think of one.Anyway this fic is Adam/Emma ALL THE WAY!!! If you don't like that pairing,turn away now.

Out of the Confusion comes Love

Adam is excluding Emma from an very important assigment without letting her or any of the Mutant X's knowing. Emma fears that she is losing her power and will be forced to resign from Mutant X.

Confessions of the Heart Working Title

An Brennan and Emma story. Brennan confess to Jesse that he loves Emma but is too afraid to tell her. He knows that she knows the truth seeing how she can read his mind. But how does Emma feel? Expect an lot of twist and turns.
Adam and Emma do get romantic in this stoy. 

Familiar Stranger

Emma's confusion about Adam's Past turns a rebellious move into a dangerous, yet moving, event.

The Most Magical Time of the Year

A romantic Mutant X Christmas fic. Adam/Emma.


Mutant X Stories

  Great stories .......

Trust Me

An voice is inside Emma's head telling her to trust it and that their love is meant to be. But Emma doesn't trust the voice or herself where her heart is concered. Read more to find out who the mystery voice belongs to. Even I don't know.

Next in Line

Gabriel is turning his attention onto Emma. But Emma is trying her hardest to fight him at every turn. Will the Mutant X and Shalimar be able to help Emma when Gabriel does get into her soul?

Because You Loved Me

Takes place after A Breed Apart. Essentially it's a exploration of B/E relationship or lack thereof.


Something happens to Emma after a failed mission. Will anyone be able to help before its to late?

Mind Games

 Something's wrong with Emma, but who is there to help her? Also who is doing this to her and why? Can Emma be saved before it's too late?! Emma/?

Name of Science: Part One, The Messiah Strand

Brennan becomes the first test subject in Eckhart's quest for immortality. Very dark. Brennan/Emma

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