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Biogenuis Pisonic as in Adam and Emma
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I got some cool surprise for you all.


This site is dedicated to my faviote couple.  Adam and Emma.  I am proprobably one of the few who think these two should be together.  So I decided to add my support and hope they do.

The Mutants are out there...

Do want to be saved by them or do you want to fight them? td>

  Yes there will be stuff on:
  Elemental = Brennan
  Feral = Shalimar
  Molecular = Jesse


What's New?

Created this site.
Added one new fan ficition.
Updated "Next In Line" FF Link.
Updated "Out of Confuison come Love"
"Confessions of the Heart" FF  Links.
Added one new fan fiction.
Added one new fan fiction.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.